deem【例】I deem it advisable to purchase the shares in the railway now。我认为现在购买铁路股票是明智的。

reckon【例】I reckon she has good reason to feel smug。我认为她洋洋得意必有其缘故。

maintain【例】She maintains that the accusation is groundless。她坚称该指控是毫无根据的。


tackle【例】I dont know how to tackle this problem。我不知道该如何处理这个问题。

cope with【例】We have taken on extra staff to cope with the increased workload。我们已经额外雇用员工来应付增加了的工作量。

dispose of【例】You did us a great favor by disposing of that problem。你解决了那个问题,可算是帮了我们一个大忙。


enhance【例】Theyll be keen to enhance their reputation abroad。他们会非常渴望提高他们在国外的声誉。

boost【例】We need a big win to boost our confidence。我们需要大胜一场来增强信心。

elevate【例】Good books may elevate the mind。好书可以提高思想修养。


motivate【例】Stock options are a goodway to motivate employees to work harder。股票选择权是激励员工更努力工作的好方法。

stimulate【例】They counted on foreign investment to stimulate their economy。他们想依靠外国投资来刺激他们的经济。

inspire【例】Her work didnt exactly inspire me with confidence。她的工作并没有真正的使我产生信心。


1. at the thought of一想到

2. as a whole (=in general) 就整体而论

3. at will 随心所欲

4. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富于,富有

5. access(to) (不可数名词) 能接近,进入,了解

6. by accident(=by chance, accidentally)偶然地,意外. Without accident(=safely) 安全地,

7. of ones own accord(=without being asked; willingly; freely)自愿地 ,主动地

8. in accord with 与一致 . out of ones accord with 同。不一致

9. with one accord (=with everybody agreeing)一致地

10. in accordance with (=in agreement with) 依照,根据

11. on ones own account

1) 为了某人的缘故, 为了某人自己的利益

2) (=at ones own risk) 自行负责

3) (=by oneself)依靠自己

12. takeinto account(=consider)把..。考虑进去

13. give sb. an account of 说明, 解释 (理由)

14. account for (=give an explanation or reason for) 解释, 说明。

15. on account of (=because of) 由于,因为。

16. on no account(=in no case, for no reason)绝不要,无论如何不要(放句首时句子要倒装)







这一条是最核心的,因为在写作时间和篇幅都比较短的情况下,考生写出的内容几乎是一样的,唯一的判断标准几乎就是语言的质量。要首先保证语法和拼写正确,哪怕用小词、短句也可以。有能力的话再追求闪光的词句。例如,有考生在写2009年6月的作文时,写出了这样的开头句:There is no denying the fact that the vital of name has been a hotly debated topic in China. 这句话是套用我以往范文给过的句子,基本结构是对的,但有两处明显的错误。一处为vital,是个形容词,而这里应该用名词。



这里说的是段落的结构和连贯性的问题。英语文章特别喜欢先总后分或开门见山的格局,另外,段落之间和句子之间的形式连接手段特别明显,即关联词用的很多。在写作的时候,几乎就是把给出的三点提纲作为每段的开头句,然后再加上两三个扩展句即理由或例证句就可以了。当然有时候为了论证自然或扩展字数也可以加上一点铺垫的句子。如2009年6月真题作文开头一句既可以是Some people claim that names are of great importance. 也可以是There is no denying the fact that it is a controversial topic whether names are important or not. 然后再说Some hold the positive view.后面再加上两三句论证的话。论证句或扩展句之间最好有连接词,如First, Second, Besides, Also, Similarly, In the same way, However等等。


不要啰嗦,不要过于重复和堆砌。有些考生背诵了一些经典的句型,为了凑字就全用上了,给人低层次的感觉。如最后一段用同学写道:As far as I am concerned, weighing the pros and cons of the arguments, I am inclined to agree with the latter point of view. 其实As far as I am concerned和weighing

the pros and cons of the arguments用一个就行了。另外,尽管内容不及语言重要,但也肯定会影响分数的。考生应尽量平时多练,以期在考场上也能很快想到一些有力的理由和贴切的例证。另外,要敢于表达自己的思想,不要一味地为了保证语言正确而裹步不前,只说一些小学生的话。如有同学写09年真题第一段时写道:Some people think that names are important. They say that, if a person has a name, we can remember him. If he does not have a name, we cannot remember him. 这样的作文倒是没有语言错误,但肯定也得不了高分。


英语四六级作文范文一:My View on Job-Hopping

Many people are inclined to do one job in their lives. In their opinions, people who change their jobs frequently are superficial and tactless. They believe that the only way to success is to stick to one job, for constant practice in a professional field helps make an txpert.

But there are still many people who dont agree. They argue that change means progress. If you are not satisfied with your present job, of course you have the right to replace it with a more challenging and better paid one. Every change is a step to further success. This idea may be. the reason why they change their jobs so often.

For my part, I think it reasonable to change your job if you have a better opportuniry. But once you have found a position where you can fully display your ability, it is advisable to settle down to it and put all your efforts into it. Only in this way, can you get the true joy of achieving your goal.

英语四六级作文范文二:Is Failure a Bad Thing?

Failure is not a stranger to life. It can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. No person succeeds all the time. The more development you want to make, the more failure you might encounter. So, people are faced with failure now and then.

There are different attitudes towards failure. Some people are afraid of failure and they can not bear the blow of failure, so they stay where they are and try to not to mike progress. Some optimists, however, fight against failure bravely and achieve all his aims at last.

My attitude is that we arent afraid of failure. When we meet with failure, we dont lose heart. We should call up all our courage and persist in what you are engaged in. Remember the proverb: Where there is a will, there is a way.

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